About Us

About Liberal Diagnostic

 Liberal Diagnostic is an independent diagnostic imaging facility that features a Hitachi Airis Elite Open MRI machine (actual picture to the left). It’s open sides create a spacious feeling, perfect for those patients with Claustrophobia, Anxiety, or Hyperactivity.

Liberal Diagnostic offers:

– Same-day Scheduling
– MRI Reports within 24 hours
– Quality Exams
– Spacious MRI Suite
– Accurate MRI Interpretations
– Patient-Oriented Hitachi Airis Elite Open MRI System
– Pleasant & Experienced Staff
– Excellent Patient Comfort System

Our Hitachi Airis Elite is a 0.3 Tesla Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine (MRI). This machine’s capabilities are said to rival those of many closed type, higher field systems. It provides the versatility needed to meet the constantly changing demands of clinical requirements. Our machine provides our patients with excellent comfort and images.

Because our magnet does not create as much noise as a closed magnet our patients can to listen to music of choice during their scan.  With Pandora Radio your choices are endless!